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Chapel Hill Public Library

A department of the Town of Chapel Hill

Rules of Behavior

The Chapel Hill Public Library offers library services to all residents of the community, regardless of age, sex, racial or ethnic origin, religion, or economic status. Library staff is committed to maintaining a quiet, pleasant environment conducive to serious study as well as casual use.

Patrons have a right to assume that their visit to the library will be free from harassment, physical discomfort, danger, and psychological stress. Library staff has basically the same rights. The following are considered to be unacceptable library behaviors:

  1. Loud conversation, laughter or noise which is disturbing to others. This includes disruptive use of cell phones.
  2. Failing to supervise minors. Parents are expected to monitor their child’s behavior.
  3. Engaging in disorderly conduct, committing a nuisance, or unreasonably disturbing and offending library users.
  4. Threatening the safety or rights of another person, including but not limited to, violent or disorderly behavior, threats of violence or abusive language and possession of weapons .
  5. Destroying or defacing the library building, property or material.
  6. Stealing library materials, using false identification to obtain a library card, or using another person’s library card without his/her permission.
  7. Blocking or in any way interfering with the free movement of any person or persons.
  8. Possessing or consuming alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs.
  9. Consuming food or beverages in open containers, except at meetings where permission has been obtained to serve refreshments.
  10. Harassing staff or patrons, including but not limited to staring at or following individuals around the building.
  11. Smoking in the building.
  12. Using radios, cd players, tape players and all other audio equipment in unauthorized areas in such a manner that transmits sound to others.
  13. Soliciting or selling of any kind, unless approved by the Library Director
  14. Distributing leaflets or posting of notices without authorization.
  15. Using library telephones except pay telephones designated for the public by any person other than library personnel without permission.
  16. Bringing animals other than guide or service animals into the building without authorization.
  17. Removing any library property from the building without authorization through established lending procedures.
  18. Rearranging furniture or equipment from one location to another without permission.
  19. Entering a non-public area without permission by a staff member.
  20. Displaying other behaviors inappropriate in a public setting including but not limited to, running, sleeping and public restroom bathing.
  21. Refusing to comply with the reasonable requests of any member of the library staff.

Violators of these rules  may be subject to exclusion from the library premises. Criminal behavior will be prosecuted under the law.

Town of Chapel Hill Ordinances

Section 11-1 Disorderly, boisterous conduct; cursing
Section 11.15 Possession of weapons on Town property
Section 11.152 Smoking in Town buildings

North Carolina Laws

G.S. 14-33 Misdemeanor assaults, batteries and affrays.
G.S. 14-76 Larceny, mutilation, or destruction of public records and papers.
G.S. 14-127 Willful and wanton injury to real property.
G.S. 14-132 Disorderly conduct in and injuries to public buildings and facilities.
G.S. 14-190.9 Indecent exposure.
G.S. 14-204.1 Loitering for the purposes of engaging in prostitution offense.
G.S. 14-269 Carrying concealed weapons.
G.S. 14-277.1 Communicating threats.
G.S. 14-398 Theft or destruction of property of public libraries museums, etc.

Last updated: 7 February 2005