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eLibrary FAQs

Please see our individual eLibrary pages for specific Help and FAQs!

  1. What is the difference between your eLibrary offerings and a website?
  2. Who provides these resources and how do I get to them?  Can I access them from my home or office?
  3. I can't log in to NCLive or Overdrive for an eLibrary item -- what's wrong? 
  4. Where can I find my library barcode? 
  5. In the Library's NCLive Resources, I need a specific journal, magazine, or newspaper with full-text articles in it. How do I find it, - do they carry it?
  6. Can I use EndNote software to import and manage citations I retrieve from NCLive resources?
  7. What hardware, software, and other technology do I need to watch videos?


  1. Websites can be created by anyone and can contain anything, regardless of accuracy.  Our online subscription publications and media are an online version of reference books, magazine articles, journal articles, data, audiobooks and videos that you won't find with a search engine. Chapel Hill Public Library subscribes to these either individually or through NCLive and Overdrive/NCDL.
  2. Access requirements will be stated on the page or with the item.  All NCLive publications & media require that you  login with your library barcode number.  All Overdrive publications & media requires that you login with your library barcode number and PIN.   Some items listed are public and require no login.

    For assistance call the Information Desk at 968-2780 or email

  3. If you are unable to log in, one of the following is probably the case:
    • Your library card may have expired.
    • You may have overdue library materials or unpaid fine.
    • You may not have entered your entire library barcode number (see #4 below).  NCLive and Overdrive/NCDL require your entire number, including the first five digits, "25064".
    • The online resource may have reached its limit of users. Wait a while, then try to log in again.
    If you are still having trouble, call the Information Desk at 968-2780 or email
  4. Your  Library Barcode Number  can be found on the BACK of your CHPL library card.  Turn over your library card and you'll see a number starting with  25064 .  That is your library barcode number.

    NCLive and Overdrive/NCDL login require your entire number, including the first five digits, "25064".  Our individually subscribed items go through the Library system and do not require the first five digits.

  5. General FAQs for Overdrive eBooks, eAudio Books, Video & Music.
  6. Borrowing FAQs for Overdrive eBooks, eAudio Books, Video & Music.
  7. The easiest way to see if NCLive has a specific journal, magazine or newspaper is to use their Title Search feature.
  8. Yes.  - Conduct your NCLive search and mark the interesting citations.  Save the search result as a text file and open the EndNote program.  Locate the EndNote Filter file that matches the publication & information provider and import the file using the appropriate filter file.
  9. Most videos are viewable from any computer running Flash Player version 9 or higher with a reasonable internet connection.


Last updated: 27 January 2012