• Writing & Community Building
    January 24, 2019
    6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
    - Zelda Lockhart has taught many writing workshops and is an Alumni Endowed chair of the Department of Language and Literature at North Carolina Central University. Now the award-winning author (Fifth Born; Cold Running Creek) puts her hard-won advice into book form. Writers still perfecting their craft will want to hear her read from The Soul of the Full-Length Manuscript. The PhD will also lead a writing and community building exercise about how writing - story, poetry, or essays made from personal memories -connect us (including those in the room) as humans regardless of our separate identities.

    About the Presenter: Zelda Lockhart holds a PhD in Expressive Art Therapies, an MA in Literature and a certificate in writing, directing and editing from the New York Film Academy. Her latest book, The Soul of the Full-Length Manuscript takes readers on the emotional, psychological and spiritual journey of utilizing personal stories to transform their lives while completing a work of fiction, memoir or poetry.

    Lockhart is Director at Her Story Garden Studios: Inspiring Black Women to Self-Define, Heal, and Liberate Through the Literary Arts. Lockhart is also publisher at LaVenson Press helping women and girls to take ownership of their stories through publication. She continues her work as a writer and speaker, facilitating writing workshops across the US on issues specific to the human struggle and on ways that consuming and creating literature are good for what ails us.

    Meeting Room B
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