Drag Story Time


06/18/22 @ 3:00pm –
06/18/22 @ 4:00pm

Meeting Room B


We frequently take photos and videos at our events. Here’s what we do with them.

Bring your kids to enjoy a fabulous hour of story time by some of the most prominent Drag royalty in the Triangle. Drag Story Time celebrates glamour, imagination, play, and gender fluidity while providing positive queer role models.

Stories with Stormie Daie

About Stormie Daie (Raafe Purnsley)

Stormie Daie, first of her name, 4th of Durham’s finest and first drag family, The House of Coxx, is a torrential force of energy, education, and entertainment. Whether a whirling wind of sequin on stage, a merry madam of mirth behind the mic, or a science and history educator always sharing the importance of our natural world and queer ancestors. Stormie is a queen for community first and a good time always!