Letter from the Director

All programs and events are cancelled from 5:00 on Wednesday, Sept. 12 through Sunday, Sept. 16.

Dear Chapel Hill,

While our building closed to the public on March 13, 2020, we have remained open for business throughout the pandemic. As Library staff and community members are vaccinated, as COVID numbers continue a downward trend, and as public health restrictions are lifted, we look forward to welcoming our community back into the facility.

This will be a complex process, as we have made many changes to our physical layout and staffing model during COVID. This will be a gradual process, as we will employ the same careful, measured approach that has served us well this past year. And this will be a safe process, with the health and well-being of our staff and community as our highest priority.

We are thinking about this as steps on a path, and that path is not a straight one. We will take one step at a time, stabilize our footing, and see what’s needed to move ahead. We will assess, revise, and iterate, adjusting occupancy and other access limits as we move ahead with each step.

We are currently taking that first step – planning and prepping for sunsetting our Park & Pick Up operations. We can’t say for certain when we will take Step 2, but we will communicate with you as we go.

We ask for patience and understanding along the way.


This image outlines the steps to reopening timeline.